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How We Work: Our Program

  1. "...who am I?"
    The purpose of the first module, "Assessment", is to help you identify a range of desirable career options -- given who you are -- based on a battery of paper-and-pencil test instruments, and to help you acquire the ability to describe yourself clearly, fluently, and self-confidently during interviews for your new job or career. (Please ask us to "test-drive" one of these assessment test instruments at no charge.)

  2. "...what's out there?"
    The purpose of the second module, "Options Exploration Research", is to help you acquire timely knowledge and realistic marketplace data--as they pertain to you and your profile--for each of your desirable career options developed in the first module (above).

  3. " do I get the job?"
    The purpose of the third module, "Implementation", is to help you get to where you want to be--by organizing a campaign of letters, resumes, one-page bios (which we have found to be more effective than resumes especially when changing career directions), practice job interviews, negotiations, and decision-making. Our purpose is to produce an efficient and safe job-landing in a job or career that provides career satisfaction to you...given who you are.

Please e-mail us to arrange a confidential telephone appointment to discuss our fees, which depend upon your specific career needs. Request any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 11:30am to noon (New York time); we will confirm by return e-mail.

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