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Celia Paul Associates specializes in career change, career planning, and career coaching for lawyers, doctors, and scientists. Our career transition programs are tailored to the unique career problems of each client. Since 1980, career satisfaction -- both within and outside of a chosen profession -- has been the goal of several thousand lawyers, doctors, scientists, engineers, executives and other high-functioning professionals´┐Żall clients of Celia Paul Associates. We are the largest, oldest, and most well-known U.S. career management firm specializing in professionals. We are also consulted by well-known large law firms on the outplacement of their partners and associates, on the professional development and retention of senior and junior law firm associates, and on seminars and workshops for lawyers (Practicing Law Institute), doctors (Medical Societies), and scientists (MIT; National Academy of Sciences)..

Celia Paul is the founder and President of Celia Paul Associates. A major contributor to the American Bar Association's book, "Changing Jobs", she speaks regularly at Harvard Law School, the New York Bar Association, and career seminars and workshops sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, Chase Manhattan, Simon & Schuster, the Center for Women in Government, and the American Corporate Council Association. For the Practicing Law Institute, Celia Paul developed and led programs on business development for attorneys, and wrote "Developing Your Legal Practice: How to Obtain and Maintain a Client Base". In the merger of Chemical Bank and Manufacturer's Hanover, in the merger of Chemical and Chase Banks and in the merger of J.P. Morgan and Chase, she was responsible for the outplacement of over a hundred lawyers. Her work with physicians is prominently featured in the AMA book, "Leaving The Bedside", in Physician Executive, and with lawyers in Deborah Arron's book "Running From The Law". She has served on the faculties of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and New York University and is the co-author (with Stephen Rosen) of the book, "Career Renewal", cited by Harvard Law School's Director of Student Life Counseling as "a dynamic blueprint for career transitions", and by the head of Career Services at J.P. Morgan/Chase as "a really intelligent book on jobs, careers, and fulfillment at work" Stephen Rosen is Chairman of Celia Paul Associates. He specializes in working with attorneys, physicians, scientists, and executives. He is the founder and Director of Scientific Career Transitions, a tax-exempt organization (funded in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation) that pioneers in the development of systematic methods and specialized materials to help credentialed individuals advance their careers. Articles by him or about his career programs have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Biotechnology, Physics World, and Bar Association and Medical Association publications. Trained in theoretical physics, Dr. Rosen was a senior professional staff member of the Hudson Institute, a prominent think tank dedicated to policy research in the national interest. Scientific journal articles he wrote appear in Nature, Physical Review, Il Nuovo Cimento. He has addressed the International Association of Career Management Professionals, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences on critical career issues, and conducted career workshops for scientists at MIT, AAAS, and Rockefeller University; he led legal career seminars at the New York Bar Association, the Practicing Law Institute, and The Corporate Lawyering Accreditation Program for Continuing Legal Education; and for physicians a workshop on "Non-Clinical Careers For Physicians".

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